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O. S. Schoonmaker, Doughboy Combat Engineer.

Company F, 302nd Engineers. Photo taken in April, 1919 while the regiment was stationed at Chateau-Gontier, France. Right click link to open a new tab for a larger photo here.

Ora Simpson Schoonmaker's issued dog tag. Pvt. 1st Class, Co. F, 302nd Engineers, serial number 1717570. Ora's dog tag is stamped with a "P" on the back, denoting that his religion was Protestant. Not an extremely rare feature but quite uncommon. Private Schoonmaker when discharged from the service carried the rank of Corporal.

If you wish a detailed history of the 302nd Engineers, I suggest this web site. The book "The 302nd Engineers" by Gilbert H. Crawford, Thomas H. Elliot and John J. Hyland has been transcribed to the web sans maps and company photos. This book was the source of much of my information and graphics as well.

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